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Bye Bye Jets…

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Worked for the Yankees…guess Jay Z will have to come up with a new song next year


Biggest Mistake a Higher Education Company can make!

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Higher education companies – I plead you to listen; When you hire anyone who will make decisions regarding marketing and sales, anyone who can effect the revenue of your business – get them on the phones! Every manager needs to go through admissions or enrollment services (sales) training! To be a great marketer …


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I wonder if Barbara Streisand knew what she was talking about when she sang, “People….people who need people….are the luckiest people….in the world…”. Really? I’m social, an extrovert, and used to being surrounded by 100s of people ALL DAY LONG. Sales and Marketing / Business people, nonetheless…When one goes from 8 years …

Transaction vs. relationship

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A transaction can be defined as an ‘exchange’. In business, many times it’s thought of as a “one time deal”…There are more one time deals than relatioships, unfortunately – but think of the TIME and energy that would be saved if you had 4 or 5 stong business relationships that could produce the same …

Introducing…the real “deal”

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If you’re one of the millions of people who have jumped on the ‘social media’ frenzy, likely that you have learned about a category called, “reputation management”.    I have yet to find one website (including that has a consistent definition of what this actually is, but net / net – it’s strategically managing what …