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10 Days in Europe: No “Work”, But Much To Learn – Any Suggestions?

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I leave today for Europe for 10 days. No sales, no marketing, no business. Ok, who am I kidding? I will definitely be on the computer a couple times the first few days I’m in Barcelona and on the 11 hour flight, but WILL NOT be on during the Mediterranean cruise.

I’ve realized …

Treat Everyone As If They’re Your Most Important Client

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First rule of business, or specifically – business relationships is; “treat everyone as if they’re your most important client”. I believe it was my old COO who gave me that advice and he had taken it from one of the classic business books, Dale Carnegie’sHow to Win Friends and Influence People“. …

Vacation without a Computer???

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Sad as this is to admit; I’m about to embark on my first vacation without a computer…or even my iphone connection. At least the first vacation since I entered the ‘working world’.

Visiting Madrid, Barcelona, Almalfi Coast, Rome, Florence, Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo…and nowhere to update my FB status; in case my ego driven personality …

Why Am I BACK In School????

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I’ve spent the past eight years promoting higher education, specifically higher education online; during which time I had gotten certified in project management and taken a few graduate level business courses. I had originally taken online courses so I would “know what I was selling and marketing”. I’ve been vacillating for the past …

Consultants; HOW and WHY Pay Per Performance Works (Part 2 – continuation from last post)

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After writing my last post I had several great comments showing me that 1) I did not delve into the actual performance model, but more so the overall business model 2) I didn’t give any helpful examples 3) I didn’t speak about the variables that are needed for success 4) I didn’t say why this …

Seven Business Movies – MUST SEES For Anyone In SALES

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I’m trying to see what movies I’ve missed that I need to see…Oh – and I’m not ‘counting’ mafia movies…otherwise I definitely would have Godfather 1 and 2 as well as Goodfellas. My favorites are:

Wall Street
Glengarry Glen Ross
Boiler Room
Citizen Kane
Office Space
The Insider
Thank You For Not Smoking

There are …