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PEOPLE make start ups profitable. Period.

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I’ve worked in 4 start ups and been successful 4 times. I define success in a start up as the company becoming profitable as well as a “going concern” business.

While my ego would like to think I can attribute these successes to my own intellectual superiority, I …

Bill Gates: Proponent of Higher Education Online

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At the recent Technonomy Conference, Bill Gates talks about the need for more online education. He states there “will be” five times more college courses online and that this is the only way for the schools to provide education to everyone who wants and needs it. …

NY Times says, “For profit schools mislead students”…I say, “NY Times misleads the public”

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The NY Times article on for profit education published today spoke of the reported findings that we will read about tomorrow when the government issues it’s investigative research on the for profit schools. As I read through the article, I was trying to find what was ‘different’ that was told at a for …