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The Only Person to be Loyal to…is YOU

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I’m loyal – some may say, “too a fault” and on the surface, it may appear so. I’ve turned down opportunities that would’ve helped me grow, make more money, connect me with new and different people, provide new experiences…all because “I’m a loyal employee” (or so it would seem to the outside viewer). …

Regulations Affecting Rationale and Revenue

Posted in - higher education & innovation on November 11th 2010 1 Comments

I love education sales. There is nothing more gratifying than speaking with someone who genuinely is looking to better their life, having them “paint the picture” of their future, and knowing that by referring them to a degree program, you are ‘bettering’ the chances that they will get a job in the future.

For a …

What Kind of Wall Will You Build?

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A few years ago my job function was “technically” business development and operations. As with most start up environments, this was really just a title that was broad enough to encompass “anything that needs to get done”. That said, I was accountable for “marketing and sales deals” as well as devising the …

All You Need Is Love – AdTech Realization

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Adtech NY 2010 was phenomenal for marketing learnings and networking; and I’m already looking forward to AdTech SF. Over the weekend, I will write a download on the professional speakers, exhibitors, trends and learnings. But for me, the best take away was as follows: Without a supportive husband, I would never …