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You Have to Love the Process

Posted in - Building Business Relationships & innovation & What's in my head now? on January 23rd 2011 4 Comments

What is that special something that “winning” entrepreneurs possess?

The standard answer seems to be part luck, part guts, part brains and part the people they surround themselves with. Or, in mbaspeak…”right time. Right place. Right product.”

Lately, I’ve come to realize that the recipe is far different, seemingly simple, but, extremely difficult to execute. …

Black, White, or Gray

Posted in - What's in my head now? on January 20th 2011 9 Comments

This is not a black & white world
To be alive the colors must swirl
and I believe that maybe today
We will all get to appreciate
The beauty of gray

Live, ‘Beauty of Gray’ (3rd track, Mental Jewelry)

Have you ever told someone they’re “black and white”? And if you have, what have you meant by it? Do …

Careers Do Not Belong in a Box

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The best ideas are those that lie ‘outside the box’. The top thinkers, innovators, and visionairies have all been considered ‘out of the box’. Similarly, those that have the appearingly ‘best’ careers are the ones who have taken the concept of ‘career’ OUT of the box.

Don’t wrap your career in a box. …