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You Can’t Compete With Passion

Posted in - What's in my head now? on March 23rd 2011 9 Comments

What makes you stand out? What makes you different? What make you BETTER in your professional your personal life than others?


Some people have it, only a select few know how to communicate or act on it, and most are too afraid to even feel it.

If you’re fearful of feeling something or believing in …

“I’m Always Willing to Have a Conversation”

Posted in - What's in my head now? on March 11th 2011 11 Comments

Have you ever turned your nose up at an opportunity? I bet you have. And I bet there are some people who, as they’re reading this, are thinking, “no, I haven’t”; my comment to you is that you probably weren’t aware enough to realize that someone was offering you an opportunity.

In February …