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What You’re Worth

Posted in - Building Business Relationships & What's in my head now? on May 28th 2012 1 Comments

How much is my time worth?  Most people don’t ask themselves that question enough, but more importantly, most people only equate “worth” to “how much money” they’re making.  Doesn’t work like that.

For the past three years, I made good money; I ran both a consultancy and brokerage business and had 3 payment models: 1) Consultant …

Stop Talking. Start Doing.

Posted in - What's in my head now? on August 13th 2011 2 Comments

I wonder how much more productive we would be if we didn’t talk about how productive we could be. I wonder if it would be easier to ‘find our purpose’ if there weren’t thousands of blogs and people telling us how we should find our purpose. And I wonder if everyone would be happier if …

CAMP – and How it Shaped My Career

Posted in - What's in my head now? on June 30th 2011 2 Comments

It’s been 2 months since I’ve posted on my blog and time to get back into the swing of things. I tried everything to get motivated to post. I read, I listened to music, I had conversations with mentors, and even read a Motivation Guide …but nothing worked.

So I’m talking to my friend, Lisa, today, …

In one of THOSE Moods

Posted in - All About ME & What's in my head now? on May 11th 2011 4 Comments

I love quotes. Always have. Some people kept journals their whole lives – not me; anytime something good or bad or sometimes when nothing happened and I was just feeling…an unexplainable feeling….I would look up quotes. And I realized – this did 3 things for me; 1) It was a release; a way of venting …

Get Yourself to the Greek – and Get Connected

Posted in - Building Business Relationships & Building PEOPLE Relationships & What's in my head now? on May 10th 2011 4 Comments

I was at my best friend’s wedding last weekend and when she made her speech she thanked her bridesmaids and laughed about how ironic it was that when we were in college (10 years ago) during sorority prefs, we used to always say, “I know these friends and sisters will be the bridesmaids at my …

Meeting in the Middle

Posted in - All About ME & Building PEOPLE Relationships & What's in my head now? on April 11th 2011 4 Comments

My brother and I could not be seemingly more different. I say, “seemingly”, because it’s only on the surface we appear to have different beliefs and lead different lives. Over the years, what I’ve realized is that we have all of the same beliefs and values – they just manifest differently and at …

You Can’t Compete With Passion

Posted in - What's in my head now? on March 23rd 2011 9 Comments

What makes you stand out? What makes you different? What make you BETTER in your professional your personal life than others?


Some people have it, only a select few know how to communicate or act on it, and most are too afraid to even feel it.

If you’re fearful of feeling something or believing in …

“I’m Always Willing to Have a Conversation”

Posted in - What's in my head now? on March 11th 2011 11 Comments

Have you ever turned your nose up at an opportunity? I bet you have. And I bet there are some people who, as they’re reading this, are thinking, “no, I haven’t”; my comment to you is that you probably weren’t aware enough to realize that someone was offering you an opportunity.

In February …