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I wonder if Barbara Streisand knew what she was talking about when she sang, “People….people who need people….are the luckiest people….in the world…”. Really? I’m social, an extrovert, and used to being surrounded by 100s of people ALL DAY LONG. Sales and Marketing / Business people, nonetheless…When one goes from 8 years in an education business environment to consulting from home….YUCK. I must admit, I am enjoying the quiet and the ability to focus when I want, where I want…I enjoy it about 60% of the time. But the other 40%…I have no one to gosspip with (yes, I’m a yenta), no one to share ideas with; as a business woman – I am used to and enjoy frequent collaboration, and am wondering how this is going to work without a partner? Hmmm….Well, business may be expanded before I even start it! While it may be pathetic, I do “need” people around to keep me motivated some of the time. Sad to admit, but glad I am self aware enough to admit it.

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