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On Being Opportunistic about Networking (Guest Post)

Posted in - Building Business Relationships & Building PEOPLE Relationships on February 2nd 2011 12 Comments

Most often asked question, “How are you always successful?” My answer is always the same; 1) I’m not; but like any gambler, you only hear of the successes, not the failures 2) I never underestimate the power of a person; I seek out mentors, find people who are smarter than me; and I latch …

It’s NOT “All About the Benjamen’s Baby”

Posted in - All About ME & Building Business Relationships & Building PEOPLE Relationships & What's in my head now? on June 5th 2010 15 Comments

The solution to manage Gen Y’s is simple; They are looking for mentors – both for professional growth and personal growth. Can Gen X and the Baby Boomers rise to the occasion?

Don’t be a HATER

Posted in - innovation & Sales and Marketing in 2010 on April 12th 2010 0 Comments

I got an email from Gary Vaynerchuck today stating, “Hey Guys I was wondering if you guys have read Crush IT and if you had if you would please leave your honest review on Amazon a bunch of haters have come on in the past week and I was thinking that it’s sad …

Why Do Schools AND Corporations KILL Creativity?

Posted in - higher education & innovation & Uncategorized & What's in my head now? on April 9th 2010 10 Comments

In every company I’ve worked for, innovation and creativity have been applauded…sort of.

Executives encourage innovation in business, but many times unless strategies comes across to the rest of the business as “their ideas”, the executives are not happy. I contend that this is one of the reasons start up businesses have become so popular …

Introducing…the real “deal”

Posted in - All About ME on January 19th 2010 1 Comments

If you’re one of the millions of people who have jumped on the ‘social media’ frenzy, likely that you have learned about a category called, “reputation management”.    I have yet to find one website (including that has a consistent definition of what this actually is, but net / net – it’s strategically managing what …