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For Profit Edu Sector – Embrace Your Innovators

Posted in - higher education & innovation & Sales and Marketing in 2010 on September 9th 2010 8 Comments

Approximately 1.5 years ago, I left the innovative company I had helped build, Education Connection. I had found a new innovative company whose mission I loved, and I wanted the experience of working with the “state university” side of the online higher education industry; so I left my comfort zone and moved …

It’s NOT “All About the Benjamen’s Baby”

Posted in - All About ME & Building Business Relationships & Building PEOPLE Relationships & What's in my head now? on June 5th 2010 15 Comments

The solution to manage Gen Y’s is simple; They are looking for mentors – both for professional growth and personal growth. Can Gen X and the Baby Boomers rise to the occasion?