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For Profit Edu Sector – Embrace Your Innovators

Posted in - higher education & innovation & Sales and Marketing in 2010 on September 9th 2010 8 Comments

Approximately 1.5 years ago, I left the innovative company I had helped build, Education Connection. I had found a new innovative company whose mission I loved, and I wanted the experience of working with the “state university” side of the online higher education industry; so I left my comfort zone and moved …

Bill Gates: Proponent of Higher Education Online

Posted in - higher education & innovation & Uncategorized & What's in my head now? on August 8th 2010 2 Comments

At the recent Technonomy Conference, Bill Gates talks about the need for more online education. He states there “will be” five times more college courses online and that this is the only way for the schools to provide education to everyone who wants and needs it. …

Don’t Blame For Profit’s Innovation! Blame State School’s LACK OF

Posted in - higher education & Uncategorized & What's in my head now? on July 4th 2010 7 Comments

Am I one of the only people who want to say “thank you” to the for profit schools? To the online higher education market? Thank you University of Phoenix and Kaplan University and all of the other universities who had the courage almost a decade ago to take a risk. …

Why Am I BACK In School????

Posted in - Uncategorized on April 21st 2010 7 Comments

I’ve spent the past eight years promoting higher education, specifically higher education online; during which time I had gotten certified in project management and taken a few graduate level business courses. I had originally taken online courses so I would “know what I was selling and marketing”. I’ve been vacillating for the past …

Consultants; HOW and WHY Pay Per Performance Works (Part 2 – continuation from last post)

Posted in - All About ME & Building Business Relationships & Building PEOPLE Relationships & higher education & Sales and Marketing in 2010 on April 19th 2010 0 Comments

After writing my last post I had several great comments showing me that 1) I did not delve into the actual performance model, but more so the overall business model 2) I didn’t give any helpful examples 3) I didn’t speak about the variables that are needed for success 4) I didn’t say why this …

Why START UP companies are KEY to Work For!

Posted in - Building Business Relationships & Building PEOPLE Relationships & higher education & innovation on April 13th 2010 8 Comments

Two things I look for in every company I work with:

1. Do they executives believe in continuous learning as well as personal / professional growth AND will they aide you in your journey…
2. Is their business model, or product, something new, innovative, and / or something that the market has not seen before.

If …

Does a Director of Admissions Need to Have PHONE Experience?

Posted in - higher education & Sales and Marketing in 2010 on April 8th 2010 1 Comments

I am reposting this entry as I received interesting feedback the last time it was posted. Making a slight tweak here and there, but content remains the same.

Higher education companies – I plead you to listen; When you hire anyone who will make decisions regarding marketing and sales, anyone who can effect the revenue …

Why Are People Who SELL Higher Education Not in School?

Posted in - higher education & What's in my head now? on April 7th 2010 5 Comments

Online Higher Education is growing quickly and the number of people this industry employs is at 1 million + . With all of these individuals selling education, how many are actually going back to school themselves? Do they truly believe in it? And if not, what is the reason they are not going back to school?