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Don’t be a HATER

Posted in - innovation & Sales and Marketing in 2010 on April 12th 2010 0 Comments

I got an email from Gary Vaynerchuck today stating, “Hey Guys I was wondering if you guys have read Crush IT and if you had if you would please leave your honest review on Amazon a bunch of haters have come on in the past week and I was thinking that it’s sad …

Over the Edge

Posted in - All About ME & Sales and Marketing in 2010 & Uncategorized & What's in my head now? on April 8th 2010 1 Comments

I woke up this morning to read a great blog post that hit home for me.

Ty Unglebower, a writer, actor, radio host, movie lover, and recent ‘connection’ blogs about the difference in Passion and Obsession.

This leads to me ask the question, “how does one know they’ve gone over the edge?”. I …

Why Are People Who SELL Higher Education Not in School?

Posted in - higher education & What's in my head now? on April 7th 2010 5 Comments

Online Higher Education is growing quickly and the number of people this industry employs is at 1 million + . With all of these individuals selling education, how many are actually going back to school themselves? Do they truly believe in it? And if not, what is the reason they are not going back to school?

Biggest Mistake a Higher Education Company can make!

Posted in - higher education on January 24th 2010 0 Comments

Higher education companies – I plead you to listen; When you hire anyone who will make decisions regarding marketing and sales, anyone who can effect the revenue of your business – get them on the phones! Every manager needs to go through admissions or enrollment services (sales) training! To be a great marketer …


Posted in - What's in my head now? on January 22nd 2010 0 Comments

I wonder if Barbara Streisand knew what she was talking about when she sang, “People….people who need people….are the luckiest people….in the world…”. Really? I’m social, an extrovert, and used to being surrounded by 100s of people ALL DAY LONG. Sales and Marketing / Business people, nonetheless…When one goes from 8 years …