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Does 10,000 Hours Make the Best Businessman?

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In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, he talks about the rule of 10,000 hours. He cites researchers agreement that “10,000 hours of practice is the optimum time needed to gain expertise”. He goes on to demonstrate in a myriad of industries that all experts in a field have a minimum of 10,000 hours …

10 Days in Europe: No “Work”, But Much To Learn – Any Suggestions?

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I leave today for Europe for 10 days. No sales, no marketing, no business. Ok, who am I kidding? I will definitely be on the computer a couple times the first few days I’m in Barcelona and on the 11 hour flight, but WILL NOT be on during the Mediterranean cruise.

I’ve realized …

Why START UP companies are KEY to Work For!

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Two things I look for in every company I work with:

1. Do they executives believe in continuous learning as well as personal / professional growth AND will they aide you in your journey…
2. Is their business model, or product, something new, innovative, and / or something that the market has not seen before.

If …

Does a Director of Admissions Need to Have PHONE Experience?

Posted in - higher education & Sales and Marketing in 2010 on April 8th 2010 1 Comments

I am reposting this entry as I received interesting feedback the last time it was posted. Making a slight tweak here and there, but content remains the same.

Higher education companies – I plead you to listen; When you hire anyone who will make decisions regarding marketing and sales, anyone who can effect the revenue …

Over the Edge

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I woke up this morning to read a great blog post that hit home for me.

Ty Unglebower, a writer, actor, radio host, movie lover, and recent ‘connection’ blogs about the difference in Passion and Obsession.

This leads to me ask the question, “how does one know they’ve gone over the edge?”. I …