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Why Am I BACK In School????

Posted in - Uncategorized on April 21st 2010 7 Comments

I’ve spent the past eight years promoting higher education, specifically higher education online; during which time I had gotten certified in project management and taken a few graduate level business courses. I had originally taken online courses so I would “know what I was selling and marketing”. I’ve been vacillating for the past …

I don’t have a job…NOW WHAT?!?!

Posted in - Sales and Marketing in 2010 & Uncategorized & What's in my head now? on April 13th 2010 6 Comments

Boo Hoo. You’re out of a job. You and every one of your 9 friends. We’re all out of jobs, or we’re working for less money, or we’re not getting paid what we’re worth…or the company has cut out our spouses or our parents. Rest assured, we all know someone, most …