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United Pilot Agreement

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“We have been working for months on creative solutions to mitigate mass layoffs of pilots,” Insler said. “With this agreement now, we will once again focus on Congress to secure an urgent extension of the CARES Act to keep our industry solvent until we recover from this pandemic.” Under the agreement, existing hours will be distributed among the pilot group, meaning that most pilots will temporarily work fewer days and earn less money. But the deal ensures that United`s 13,000 drivers keep their jobs, Insler said. ROSEMONT (ILL.) – United Airlines pilots, represented by the Air Line Pilots Association, Int`l, (ALPA), have voted in favour of the Pandemic Recovery Agreement (LOA) with United Airlines management. The deal takes on United`s 13,000 drivers and removes the previously announced 2,850 Furloughs. “This [provisional] agreement underscores our commitment to all 13,000 United pilots and represents the importance of the creative solutions needed to mitigate the mass layoffs of our pilots,” said Todd Insler, president of the airline`s pilots` union. Bryan Quigley, United`s senior vice president of flight operations, sent the conditions to the pilots late On Thursday in a memo verified by Reuters. It appears that the union is taking a hard line with United and that Insler is not prepared to accept an offer that would result in significant loss of money for ALPA members. Nevertheless, the interim agreement is a positive sign that must be ratified by the pilots before it can be implemented. AlPA CEO Todd Insler said the agreement has “revolutionary provisions that allow pilots to remain qualified, allowing for faster recall as soon as passenger demand returns.” United Airlines and the union representing their pilots said Wednesday that they had reached an interim agreement to prevent nearly 3,000 planes from flying. There is a very broad agreement between the parties on the extension of aid to airlines, but negotiations have been hampered by differences over whether the measure should be an autonomous bill or whether it would be part of a wider package. While details of the deal were not disclosed, CNBC reported a memo from Todd Insler sent to members of the United Airlines chapter of the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA), which said United Airlines pilots on Monday approved an agreement that will allow 2,800 of them not to get their ass kicked if Congress does not extend a wage support program established in the Cares Act.

But with a furlough driver a few weeks away, we`re looking forward to it,” says Insler. No further details of what the union described as an agreement in principle were disclosed. United`s top union official, Todd Insler, said the group would not consider lower wages or other unacceptable changes in its contract with United. The announcement comes from the fact that airline executives and workers continue to lobby Congress to reach an agreement by the end of March on extending wage assistance to front-line employees. If there is no longer an agreement, more than 33,000 airline employees will be laid off on Thursday. United`s agreement with the Air Line Pilots Association International (ALPA) includes a pre-retirement contract for pilots 62 years of age and older, as well as a number of different options for pilots to voluntarily reduce their working hours or take a leave of absence during which they could receive health benefits, as long as they retain their United-covered training. The LOA prevents a United pilot from being flown until at least June 2021.

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