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Vacation without a Computer???

Posted in - All About ME & Uncategorized on April 26th 2010 1 Comments

Sad as this is to admit; I’m about to embark on my first vacation without a computer…or even my iphone connection. At least the first vacation since I entered the ‘working world’.

Visiting Madrid, Barcelona, Almalfi Coast, Rome, Florence, Nice, Cannes, Monte Carlo…and nowhere to update my FB status; in case my ego driven personality thinks people actually care where I am and at what time. Nowhere to ask for people’s advice, “Would you rather go to the Sistine Chapel or the Collisseum on the first day of Rome?”, and nowhere to WORK or communicate about anything pertaining to work.

While I thought this would give me a semi panic attack, I realize I’m relishing in the thought of ‘no computer’. Perhaps we get to a point in our lives where we realize that none of this communication and work matters; I’ll be with my husband – what could be more important than that? While most people probably think this way their entire lives, there are some of us who are too ambitious, too passionate, who are so blind sided that the thought of going on vacation and not working is SCARY.

So, this will be my first one. It shall be interesting and probably fun to have a pen and paper, to write more of an ‘old school’ journal than to write emails or type notes on my phone.

I’m thinking that 20 minutes two or 3 times / week while I’m gone in an internet cafe will be more than enough to look at my email…the challenge: Can I actually go this whole trip without looking at email? Would that even be responsible of me? Hmmmm…Let’s see if I can balance it; should be interesting.

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  • Mehul Kar - Reply

    May 2, 2010 at 1:02 pm

    I was debating going laptop-less this summer. The idea was that I would only go to check email, etc once a week somewhere I would have to pay for the usage. And that would automatically decrease the amount of time spent online.
    But I don’t think that’s going to happen any more with this startup i’m working on.
    The screen is a curse and a blessing.

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