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Washington State Rental Agreement Laws

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The landlord cannot add anything to an agreement that: Q: Am I still under the Housing Tenants Act, even though I don`t have a written rental agreement? Depends on what`s in the lease. It is not uncommon for termination fees to be included in leases. RCW 59.18.310, however, allows the landlord to mitigate the damage sustained when the tenant has broken his tenancy agreement. You can continue to charge the tenant`s rent until the apartment is re-rented, as described above, or you may decide to deduct the lost rent from the tenant`s deposit. The law does not allow landlords to charge tenants penalties that go beyond reducing the damage incurred for rent losses due to a tenant`s rent collapse. A sublease is a rental contract (temporary or month-to-month) between tenants. For example, a tenant who has a lease with the landlord to rent a house may decide to rent rooms to another tenant. A contract is concluded between the original tenant and the new tenant, and the new tenant pays his rent to the original tenant instead of the landlord. Most leases prohibit subletting. The original tenant is liable to the landlord for the damage caused by the tenant. Replace a lock or give a new key, at your own expense, if you request it after receiving a court order granting you possession of a rental unit and excluding a former tenant. Example: after receiving an injunction against an abusive ex-spouse or spouse. RCW 59.18.585 Allows the landlord to enter the rent without informing you beforehand.

For more information about your right to privacy, see below – RCW 59.18.230 (1) Agents: If the owner abl. If no person is designated, the person to whom the payment of the rent is addressed is considered an enforcement assistant. (RCW 59.18.060 (5)). No no. Some things are illegal to put in rental contracts. If your agreement contains one of them, you don`t have to follow it. RCW 59.18.230. RCW 59.18.220 indicates that the lease expires at the end of the specified rental period. A lease expires at the end of the lease period, unless the contract provides for something else. As a general rule, a one-year lease may contain a language that converts the lease into month to month at the end of the declared lease term.

This means that for a tenant whose tenancy agreement does not have a language that automatically extends its term, no party is required to make a written notification and the tenant must either move or negotiate a new deadline. Monthly leases can be entered into verbally or in writing. Verbal rentals are legal in Washington State and are considered monthly leases. If your landlord takes a down payment or non-refundable fee from you, the rental agreement must be written and indicate the conditions under which your money is refunded. Changing the rules: The owner must notify you in writing at least 30 days in advance if they wish to change a rule in one month to a month.

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