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Where Do I Begin?

Posted in - Uncategorized on May 10th 2010 0 Comments

This is the first time I’ve ever gone out of town with minimal email checking and no social media. Here is where I am:

1. 418 business emails (and I’m a consultant, I have to keep everyone happy)
2. 376 pictures from trip to upload; plus blog to incorporate them into
3. 2 weeks worth of laundry and cleaning
4. 212 pages to read and 4 video lectures to watch for school.
5. 1,863 social media responses to make

I think I should be overwhelmed, but instead I’m sitting here smiling and blogging. Oh well; I’ll catch up at some point. My proposed solution is as follows and looking for feedback!

1. Business Emails – BCC a blast email letting all clients know I will be caught up by end of week. Anything that needs immediate attention, I know of as I sorted on the cruise. Work from that forward.

2. Upload pics / write blog during Monday night shows

3. Laundry and cleaning…do while on conference calls today

4. Six Sigma work – set aside 2-3 hours on Wednesday to complete

5. Social Media – that’s fun; use it as positive reinforcement…each time I respond to 3 emails, engage in 1 social media response.

Any suggestions?

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